viernes, 8 de junio de 2012


It had been a difficult experience, but I had survived. The wind was becoming stronger and I was not able to walk faster, while the rain was hitting my face, and my strength was coming to an end, a fatal end. Suddenly I remembered my old yoga master´s words: never give up even when you can see the edge of the precipice. So I decided to stop for a while, breath deeply and think… until the solution came to me flying softly like butterflies in the early summer. I put my bag on my feet, concentrating on every step I made, and without losing my control, I tried to close my umbrella very slowly…. but I could not. And then, I had to make my mind up in order to face my destiny. I threw my ruined umbrella away and walked back home in the rain. On entering the doorway, soaking wet, I smiled proudly as a winner. My bag was safe and I took out what was in it: a red fish for my daughter. It had been a difficult experience, but I had survived (and my fish, too).

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